Try a flight of four premium pours of craft beer, ciders or meads to discover your new favorite at The Taproom in Saginaw

Living in a state that ranks in the top three for the most craft breweries, our goal is to be Mid-Michigan’s number one taproom! The Tap Room in Saginaw at Stardust is the Tri-Cities original test bar for Michigan breweries. With 41 taps you will always find a brew just for you, served by the most knowledgeable brew crew around. Whether it’s Michigan craft beer or craft beer from around the country, you’ll often be surprised, but never disappointed. And when a keg runs out, we always have new selection waiting in the wings! And if you are looking for something other than craft brews, we offer a wide selection of other beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails.

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If you’re a whiskey aficionado, you will not want to miss our selection of bourbon, rye, Scotch, and Irish whiskeys. Our whiskeys are always changing, so stop in and see what special spirit you might find!

What puts the “craft” in a cocktail?

Our craft cocktails involve more than merely pouring ingredients in a glass. We handpicked each element for our cocktails including liquor, infusions, fresh juices, mashed fruit, muddled herbs, bitters, and syrups. Each cocktail is mixed, shaken, stirred, or muddled to assure it arrives at your table the best it can be. Crafting our take on classic cocktail takes time, but it’s well worth the wait.

From specialty pizza to craft beer it’s always a tasty time at Stardust

The Kitchen offers classics prepared with a unique twist. Everything we make is fresh with a Stardust sparkle to it, like our house roasted meats and homemade dough. Stardust also offers a catering option for when you are hosting an event or party! If you haven’t discovered the Taproom in Saginaw yet, you are missing a special place to gather with friends. From craft beers, ciders, and meads to craft cocktails and whiskeys, your group will find the perfect drink to relax and enjoy!